Author: Daniel Reynolds

Daniel Reynolds

In 2013 I set up the company Dynamo Led Displays Ltd. We have since established ourselves as major players within the LED industry and been involved in many innovative projects as well as working with some of the worlds leading companies.

What Is The Difference Between 5g 4g
What Is The Difference Between 5G & 4G

As mobile market penetration hits an all-time high, data has become the new oil of our generation. With data consumption skyrocketing, the industry is scrambling to tackle network congestion of existing spectrum bands to keep up with our need for speed...

Dynamo LED Displays Supply Dubai Airport with LED Screens at Arrivals T3

Dubai Arrivals LED Screens   The ‘Essence of Expo 2020’ is an experiential AV installation housed in the arrivals hall of Dubai International Airport – the world’s busiest airport.   [fvplayer id="38"] Dynamo LED Displays were chosen by PixelArtworks to supply 169m2 0f 2.5mm LED screens in order for them...

75m Long LED Ticker at Bob Bob Cité, London

LED Ticker at Bob Bob Cité [fvplayer id="35"] 75m LED ticker at the Bob Bob Cité restaurant situated in the exclusive Leadenhall Building AKA "The Cheesegrater", London. The 225m tall building with 48 floors in the heart of the city's financial district became host to Bob Bob...

led screen spectacular at arsenal football club
LED Screen Spectacular At Arsenal Football Club London

LED Screen Installation At Arsenal Football Club Dynamo LED Displays have created a spectacular LED screen at The Armoury, Arsenal FC's Merchandise store, by installing an incredible array of LED Displays. The latest technology was implemented, including products such as Dynamo's LED “magic” mirrors, custom-built LED...