Trailer size 8370mm×2290mm×3440mm
Screen Size 5760mm×3840mm,Dot Pitch:P3/P4/P5/P6
Hydraulic Lifting Range 2M
Generator power 24KW

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The D-C4 LED Trailer is an exceptional mobile LED display system designed for any large outdoor event. Featuring a spacious, 40 square meter LED screen with 16:9 widescreen format and 6K resolution, this trailer provides vivid visuals and immersive sound quality for audiences. Its advanced control system and ultra-bright LED technology allows you to customize the setup according to your needs, ensuring that viewers can experience the vibrant visuals from any distance from the trailer. Its expansive format also allows for high-definition video content to be displayed in wide open spaces, creating unique visual effects and engaging stage environments. Not only will its lighting capture attention, but its superior audio system provides superior sound effects to truly elevate your outdoor event. With its cutting-edge design and unmatched capabilities, the D-C4 LED Trailer is sure to take any outdoor space to the next level!

Trailer size12500×2550×3850 mm
Screen size8000×5120mm,Dot Pitch:P3/P4/P5/P6
Hydraulic LiftingLifting Range 5000mm,bearing 12T
Hydraulic FoldingScreen can fold 180 degrees
Hydraulic RotatingScreen can rotate 360degrees
Stage plate10000×3000×1100mm
Truck Weight15000KG
Numbers of axles2pcs or 3pcs
Generator power45KW
Chassis brandFoton Aumark
Wind ResistanceAgainst level 8 wind after screen lift up 5m
Kinds Of Playcomputer display

Super advertising effect; exquisite interiors; smooth and steady stage; high end big truck can attract more peoples attention!


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