LED Screen Hire and Rental

Dynamo has been an industry leader in the LED screen hire sector for over 15 years.

LED screens have emerged as the digital revolution of visual communications. However, making a huge investment by purchasing LED video screens may be a financially exhausting prospect. Especially, if you run small or medium business enterprises.

Dynamo LED aims to bridge this entry barrier by offering premium LED screens and video wall displays for hire. We want to help you make a big impact at your events, without breaking the bank.

We design and provide award-winning, high resolution LED screen hire services for our clients across a variety of professional markets. Some of them are- retail, factory, financial, healthcare, entertainment events, and educational domains.

Feel free to reach out to us if you’re looking to rent LED screens or any other information for your next event. We will be happy to give you the necessary product support for your needs.

Outdoor LED Screen Hire

An outdoor LED screen hire can help take the success of your advertising campaigns, promotions, and events to a whole another level. Thanks to Dynamo’s cutting-edge technology, it has become much easier to set up larger than life visual spectacles that generate massive footfall for our clients consistently. Whether it’s jazzing up music festivals and concerts, taking breaths away at sporting events, or delivering critical updates to passengers on highways, our video wall solutions have changed the game in both performance and customer support.

You can pick from a range of resolution screens based on the optimum viewing distance, lighting conditions and weather exposure. The robustness and reliability of our tried-and-tested outdoor LED walls guarantee flawless performance at your event. Including all challenging conditions without compromising your visual experience even once! With the finest LED technology at our disposal, our LED video wall solutions deliver crisp and clear visuals under bright stage & camera lighting or in direct sunlight. Please get in touch with our team for a quotation or product support. We can help provide you the best big-screen hire at a fair price for your event.

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LG used Dynamo's LED screen hire services for their G4 launch

Indoor LED Screen Hire

We offer a plethora of high-resolution indoor LED video walls and screens for hire that effortlessly blend into your event ambiance and enhance your brand presence. Whether your venue is low-lit or exposed to bright natural light, our LED video wall products never fail to grab attention wherever you set them up. Our indoor LED wall screens can be built into our bespoke integrated modular frames. Furthermore, they stand for easy assembly and display purposes at events like large-scale exhibitions.

Feel free to get in touch with our company if you’re looking for an affordable indoor video wall hire. We can do it for your retail product launch, conferences, fashion shows, exhibition halls, corporate events, award ceremonies, etc. You can call one of our expert advisers now for a free no obligation quotation if you need a customized solution. We are willing to go above and beyond with our services to deliver impactful, high-resolution visual experiences that will make your event the talk of the town.

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Dynamo LED P3.9 Curved LED cabinet

Custom LED Screen Hire

Are your event organizers unable to find clarity on the perfect LED video wall to showcase their content? Then perhaps our team of seasoned engineers and salespeople can lighten your burden. We offer a huge selection of custom LED screen solutions for hire. This includes curved LED displays, transparent LED screens, and even custom-built shapes such as triangles, cylinders, and circles. Versatility is the name of our game and your feedback is our pleasure, as the building block for our mutual success.

Our technicians can customize your LED wall while factoring in specifications for your unique application. Such as pixel pitch, viewing distance, brightness, power consumption, or any other audio visual configuration. If you have any questions about our equipment, technology, range of screens or any other services, please call or email our company. We can guide you with the necessary information for your business.

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LED Screen Rental for Borderlands 3

How to complete your LED screen hire in 4 easy steps?

  1. Figure out the pixel pitch of the LED Screen with a pixel pitch (resolution) that fits your requirement for your event.
  2. Our company helps customize your own screen size, design and layout, or you can just choose one from our best-selling stock products.
  3. Dynamo LED offers end-to-end service and will follow through on-screen assembly, installation and removal to support our clients throughout their experience. We aim to deliver hassle-free services topped off with a “wow factor” to make your LED screen hire an unforgettable experience.
  4. Choose what kind of content you would like to display on the panels of your video walls and leave it to us to do the rest. Our team of highly trained service engineers will ensure that your video wall hire is set up at the perfect viewing angle and omitting any shadows. Picture perfect clarity is a Dynamo LED guarantee as we forever strive to maintain our standards of audiovisual excellence for your event.


How much does a LED screen hire cost?

The price range for an LED wall rental in UK and Europe may vary significantly as it highly depends on the size and application of equipment that our customers wish to use our services for. It can range from between £1000 to £100,000 based on these unique requirements.

Dynamo LED Displays has become a trusted supplier of high quality indoor and outdoor LED screens that have stolen the show at various events, festivals, conferences, media news rooms, production companies, exhibitions around the world. We will be happy to offer you a personalized consultation to deliver the best LED screen rental with stunning image quality for your audience at a price that fits well within your budget.