DynamoLED DAQ Series Fixed Outdoor LED Display

Product Features:

  • Super Lightweight and Very Slim
  • Available in any size you want
  • Durable and Reliable
  • Very Easy Corner Installations
  • Front and Rear Access

Daq Fixed Outdoor Led Displays 1Daq Fixed Outdoor Led Displays 2Daq Fixed Outdoor Led Displays 3Daq Fixed Outdoor Led Displays 4Daq Fixed Outdoor Led Displays 5Daq Fixed Outdoor Led Displays 6Daq Fixed Outdoor Led Displays 7Description:

DynamoLED has just released their new high-tech DAQ Series fixed outdoor LED Displays. Outdoor fixed LED displays are one of the most popular equipments that are being used in Market Advertising. The reason for this is because they work in a very new and effective way in Market Advertising. Dynamo has focused on built quality in DAQ Series and managed to produce a product that is very convenient and Long lasting for any weather and Environment Conditions. DAQ series are LED displays that are brighter, vibrant, and pleasing to the eyes so, it is a very Good Choice for Increasing Advertising Results.LED Displays are Capable to display Ads in very high quality and in Rich Contrast.DynamoLED focused on Brightness and Color Production because these two abilities can make any Advertisement more Eye-Catching and interesting to Viewers.

Why DAQ Series?

1. Super Lightweight and very slim

DAQ Series is with the 1,000×1,000mm Cabinet which is only 25kg & 85mm in depth.

2. Available in any size you want

Four cabinet sizes, 1,000*1,000, 1,000*500. 750*1,000. No matter what screen sizes you want, A series is here to figure it out, and perfectly fit to your needs

3. Durable and Reliable

DAQ series is durable in any weather conditions and climates with Great IP65, Good heat dissipation, and heat Protection Technologies

4. Corner Installation

DAQ Series panels can be installed to be both flat and right angles.

5. Front and Rear Access

Module and power box with rear and front Access, convenient and efficient

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