Trailer size 7020X2100X2550mm
Screen Size 5120X3200mm,Dot Pitch:P3/P4/P5/P6
Hydraulic Italy imported hybraulic, lifting range 2m. Screen can be folded  and rotate 360 degrees
Brake Hand brake
Trailer Weight 3380KG

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The LED Trailer D-F16 is a powerful and efficient solar-powered trailer with advanced LED lighting capabilities. It is designed to illuminate large areas, making it ideal for use in construction sites, emergency situations, or outdoor events. The trailer is equipped with a solar panel that provides a clean and renewable source of energy to power the LED lighting system.

One of the unique features of the D-F16 model is its size, which is larger than some other models. This provides a wider range of coverage and makes it ideal for larger outdoor spaces. The LED screen is also rotatable up to 360 degrees, ensuring that it can provide complete coverage from any angle.

The E-F16 is highly mobile and can be transported by most vehicles. It is also easy to set up and can be done in minutes. The battery backup ensures that the trailer can operate even without direct sunlight, making it ideal for use in low light conditions.

In summary, the LED Trailer D-F16 is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a powerful and efficient solar-powered trailer. The advanced LED lighting capabilities, 360-degree rotatable LED screen, and portable size ensure that it can cover large outdoor spaces effectively. Whether used for emergency lighting, construction sites, or outdoor events, the D-F16 is an excellent choice for anyone seeking an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for outdoor lighting needs.

Trailer size7020X2100X2550mm
Screen Size5120X3200mm,Dot Pitch:P3/P4/P5/P6
HydraulicItaly imported hybraulic, lifting range 2m. Screen can be folded  and rotate 360 degrees
BrakeHand brake / electric brake
Trailer Weight3380KG
Wind resistanceAgainst level 8wind after screen lift up 2m
Trailer powerExternal electric, generator
Kinds of playUsb flash disk play,remote play
CharacteristicSuper screen size, supper height, 360 degree no dead band visual effect
PackingWith customized cover
HS code8716800000

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