Nothing sets the stage for visual spectacle and breathes life into the party better than our premiere LED Dance Floor series. Our high-resolution interactive lighting system utilises the latest pressure sensor technology. Together they create an unforgettable interactive experience for users.

Whether it’s for retail spaces, weddings, art galleries, live concerts, or nightclub parties, the robust design of our dancing floors can easily be installed in a variety of environments to elevate their vibe for an affordable price.

If you want to project animations, pictures, text, and videos on a beautiful white starlit dance stage, you’ve come to the right place. Steal the show and make your event stage magnetic to the eyes of its beholders!

Our dance floors have high-quality, toughened glass panels. They are waterproof and high pressure tested to withstand up to 2000 kgs.

Dynamo’s interactive technology enables interaction via touchpoints. Through them, you can trigger changes in content delivery on the LED displays instantly.

Our energy-efficient stock LED dancing floor can be fitted onto several types of surfaces. This allows infinite creative combinations of stunning layout patterns.

Feel free to call or email our highly qualified service engineers and sales department with years of experience. They will be happy to discuss which solution could bring your party to life. We can sort smooth delivery, installation, maintenance, and dismantling services at your convenience. Using a combination of red, green and blue LEDs, you can build a visually breathtaking space with a broad colour display range. The panels are made up of solid-sided square cells tiled with either toughened glass, acrylic glass or Lexan top. The sides and bottoms are reflective while the light diffuses from the top to ensure there is an even colour display.
Each row or square matrix is supported by a control module which is connected to a computer through USB cables. They help program high quality light effects and graphics to make the floor come alive. Our company also programs interactive floors with pressure sensors at competitive prices to bring an even richer dimension to your events.[/accordion_son][accordion_son title=”How much does a dance floor cost?”]Finding the right price depends on the space available and the size needed. Our panels are generally sold in 1m square sections.  Therefore, it can easily be arranged for use in square and rectangle patterns.
If your search for the right sizing is still inconclusive, our team can sort the right selection, installation and delivery.  Furthermore, we can calculate based on the number of guests expected for a fair price.


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