Transparent LED Facade Display – Transbar P20


LED Configuration – 1R1G1B
Pixel Pitch – 20mm
Resolution – 2500px/m²
Unit Size – H: 1600mm, W: 320mm OR H: 1280mm, W: 320mm
Resolution/unit – H: 80px, W: 16px OR H: 64px, W: 16px
Transparency – 35%
Brightness – ≥6500 nit
Weight – 17kg/m²
Max.Power Consumption – 400w/ m²
Stick Permutation – Vertical/Horizontal
Viewing Angle – h120°/V60°
Ingress Protection – IP66


Including VAT



Outdoor LED Facade P20 Transbar

Dynamo LED Displays have launched a brand new LED facade series. The outdoor LED cabinets which are suitable for installation on to buildings start at p10 and upwards.

The main benefits of this type of LED are that it allows natural light to enter into buildings when mounted onto windows and is architecturally sympathetic towards the outside of the structure. The Transbar design also allows for wind to travel through the display, thus reducing the likelihood of windshear and enabling installation into locations which were previously not possible. Due to the transparency of up to 35% the overall weight is also considerably reduced.

The LED Transbar cabinets can utilise our latest software which enables us to monitor all hardware remotely and set thresholds for temperature, power supply failure, signal loss and many more faults upon which we are sent an alert. The same software also lets us remotely update the content so that we can set a schedule easily from anywhere in the world!


• Special design means there is no need for air conditioning and display operates well in extreme weather conditions

• Water proof, dust proof and wind/sand resistant

• Transparency allows for light to enter buildings and for inhabitants to see out

• UV protection system and enhanced heat dissipation

• Easy installation using the supplied fixing panels, just screw to building surface and then fix cabinets

• IP66 fully waterproof on front & rear of display

• Very low wind resistance so less need for expensive steel structures

Dynamo P20 Outdoor LED Display PDF


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