High Contrast

Super Efficient

High Brightness

Long Lifetime



Wide Color Gamut

Wide viewing angle

HDR 10+

High Refresh

High Grey Scale icon

High Grey Scale Under Low Brightness

Indeed, the X of MicroX technology stands for X-GOB and it is also the protection for the Flipchip Leds.

The technology uses a mini chip to achieve a high contrast, high brightness and super efficient compared to ordinary SMD. Another improvement is the viewing angle, which increases about 30-40%.

As a pioneer of narrow pitch outdoor technology, we always try to look for new solutions. MicroX was the new invention that is specifically made for outdoor use. Many customers also use it for high brightness indoor, outdoor TV and XR solution.

As many people might not know, COB actually also uses GOB technology to protect the Leds. MicroX in comparison, can be used for outdoor and increase the uniformity.

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