Direct view LED display


Direct View LED 

With regards to indoor video walls as well as displays which make use of large screens, flat screen LCD has been the leading technology. However, this trend is about to be shaken up as high definition direct view LED displays are being introduced. Direct view LEDs are set to replace large LCD panels as well as video walls and Dynamo LED is championing this movement.

Traditional Video Walls

Of course, traditional video panels are popular. They comprise of LCD panels that have thin bezels with thin frames. Their popularity is related to the fact that they are the most affordable solution with a reasonable quality that is suitable for home and office television viewing. Larger LCD video walls are very commonly seen at news stations, office receptions, command center dashboards, hotel lobbies, retail outlets and in many other applications.

The latest versions of video walls make use of LED panels to provide light at the back of the LCD glass which helps in boosting its reliability. Also, it helps it with a bezel thickness that is relatively smaller. Basically, LCD video walls come with bezel lines and have issues with calibration. However, there has been a need for a more improved solution, and this is down to the disadvantages of traditional video walls. Here are some of them –

  • The video wall panels have to be recalibrated regularly in order to ensure that brightness stays even and there is uniformity in colour
  • Regardless of the size of the width of the bezels that exist between the panels, the image still has breaks, and this can cause visual distractions to the intended message
  • Traditional video walls happen to be directional in nature with a narrow viewing angle. You will experience a dip in brightness, as well as, colour and contrast as you move away from the front of the display


The LEDs Saga

There’s some confusion about LEDs, and it has to be cleared up. Most adverts for flat screen televisions usually advertised these TVs as LEDs. However, those are in no way direct view LED screens, in fact they are LCD screens that make use of LEDs that are white or blue to provide light to the LCD screen. This is how a lot of video walls are made. The problem that LED/LCD televisions have is that getting a fantastically high contrast is difficult as they have blacks which happen to look like milk and getting a high light output is difficult.

However, at Dynamo LED Displays, we are referring to direct view LED screens. These micro LED screens have dot pixel pitches which can reach even below 1 millimeter. This gives you blacks that are near perfect when the LEDs are switched off. This is in contrast with LCD that has very imperfect blacks. What this implies is that we now have high definition LED screens which come with a higher resolution, higher contrast, and much improved viewing distances.

Now you can see the reason that micro LED is taking over the industry as you can get near-perfect black levels without the risk of burn-in. No other display technology provides a higher brightness than micro LED. Also, its colour is perfect, and it doesn’t experience the difficulties that come with the viewing angle, as well as, the uniformity which LCD seems to lack.

New age direct-view LED displays from Dynamo LED

Direct view LED screens are not necessarily new in the world of display screens. However, in recent times, high definition LED panels are beginning to make waves. Direct view LED screens can be seen virtually everywhere as electronic billboards, the replay screens at the stadiums and large video screens at certain exotic locations.

However, although related, it is not these kind of screens that we are referring to in this article. Outdoor, direct view LEDs are very bright, have great colour, and superb contrast, but when you approach them, you find that they have lots of pixels which can be annoying. This is because their design comes in such a way that they can be viewed only from afar. What we are referring to her high definition LED displays. They have a fine pitch which is significantly smaller. These micro LED screens are the new age displays that are replacing conventional televisions.

With micro LED screens, you really get the feeling that you can reach into the screen of these mind-blowing displays, one of our clients recently commented “it almost looks better than real life”. Direct view LED offers lots of benefits that put you at an advantage than when you use projection and LCD. Its colour saturation, as well as, image quality is incredible.

High definition LED video walls for you

Due to the ability of direct view LED to provide you with seamless images that can be viewed in various dimensions, as well as, great viewing angles, it has become very popular. With this high definition LED, you can enjoy the following benefits –

  • Various pixel pitches are available
  • It provides multiple solutions that can be applied in various ways such as indoor/outdoor
  • It is seamless meaning no annoying bezel lines
  • It can be made in custom shapes and sizes

No matter how you choose to apply, our direct view LED, Dynamo LED provides you with direct view solutions that come with the best features and have a very high-performance level to help enhance the visual experience. Whether you wish to use them for home cinema or as solutions in a corporate environment, we can effectively deliver the job.

Direct view LED is a form of video wall technology which has continued to grow in popularity because of its fantastic features. We are leaders in the industry of high-definition LED displays and continue to provide high-resolution video walls for your indoor purposes, as well as, solutions for outdoor venues.

Replace your conventional televisions with high definition LED

Micro LED will soon take over the industry as they offer so much more in quality for video viewing. This is a very exciting period as we are beginning to witness LED displays emerge in new territories. Direct view LED is a leader in the world of outdoor applications and it has virtually no rival when it comes to scaling and brightness. With the release of micro-LED, the game is yet set to change again and our belief is that it will also realise the same kind of monopoly over not only the indoor video wall market but also the conventional TV market.

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