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Custom LED Triangles Supplied To Warner Music Group Worldwide

Custom LED Triangles Supplied To Warner Music Group WorldwideCustom LED Triangles Supplied To Warner Music Group Worldwide

Dynamo LED Displays have developed custom LED triangles for Warner Music group that have been sent to 10 separate locations around the world including Hamburg, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Stockholm, Paris, Sydney and Tokyo.

The multinational record company was founded in 1958, has a multibillion dollar turnover and employs over 4,250 people with offices in over 50 countries! Artists on the label include Ed Sheehan, Madonna, Stormzy, Coldplay, David Guetta, The Rolling Stones, Matallica, Phil Collins and a whole host of other household names.

The brief from the client was that they required a new innovative digital medium to communicate to staff the latest popular tracks and artists of the week when previously they was using a manual board to show artists moving up and down the triangle with the top being the hottest current prospect. Initial feedback during tests was absolutely fantastic and the fact the custom LED triangles could display video and not just icons with text as per the original specification was received extremely well the client then decided to go one step further with the addition of audio.

The triangles themselves were made from individual triangle shape LED Modules with each side measuring just 150mm and the pixel pitch (distance between each LED) was 2.5mm. Overall the size of the LED Display was over 1.5m tall an was built into a custom design housing which allowed for easy wall mounting.

The custom CMS (content management system) allowed for remote content updates to be sent from Warner headquarters to each display individually or for the whole estate to be updated as one either at the displays local time or the Warner server time. Each triangle display was fitted with a high quality sound bar allowing music from the chosen artists while their video is played on the screen.

Custom LED Triangles For Warner Music Group

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