LED video walls Battersea Power Station

LED Video Walls at Battersea Power Station - Lift 109


Dynamo LED Displays recently installed four LED video walls at Battersea Power Station, including a 5m x 1m LED display fixed ontowall to show lift times and prices, a 3.5m x 6m LED billboard display, a 2.5m x 3.5m LED display housed incustom metal fabrication and a 3.5m x 2.24m LED mesh screen. The LED mesh screen was fixed on to two sections of an opening door with a glass covering to show countdowns to when the next lift up the chimney is due to leave.

LED video wall Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station is a Grade II listed building that has been repurposed from an industrial powerhouse to a housing, workplace and shopping destination. In 2012, the site was acquired by a consortium of Malysian investors, who announced plans to transform the station into a shopping destination. The plans involved the construction of a new shopping mall within the power station, along with a host of restaurants, cafes and leisure venues. As well as a shopping destination the site also has residential homes and over 5000 square feet of office space.

LED Video wall door and led screen at lift 109

Lift 109 Transformation

Lift 109 is an experience at Battersea Power Station which allows visitors to ride a lift to the top of one of the original chimneys, where they can enjoy a birds eye view of the building and the city beyond. Dynamo LED Displays were tasked with supplying and installing LED video walls at the entrance to the attraction.

LED video wall at lift 109

The LED Video Wall Installation

The LED video wall installation at Battersea Power Station was made possible with the expertise and utilisation of modern LED display technology from Dynamo LED. Three of the four LED video walls installed at the Lift 109 attraction were made using the companys DVX series, which in this case adopted a pixel pitch of 3.9mm. The fourth screen was a 35mm pixel pitch LED mesh, which is a kind of netting made of LED that can be hung to make an LED display. The screens come with a range of features to ensure that the content displayed is of the highest quality, including high resolution, brightness and durability.

LED Video wall and led countdown clock Battersea power station

The LED Video Wall Technology

For the Lift 109 viewing experience at Battersea Power Station, Dynamo LED Displays used their DVX series of LED screens. This series of LED screens are designed to provide high resolution visuals with a pixel pitch ranging from 1.22mm-3.9mm, ensuring that the content displayed is of the highest quality. The VX series is also designed to be energy efficient, allowing for reduced energy costs and lower environmental impact. The DVX series is incredibly versatile, allowing for a range of installation options. The screens can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications, and can be customised to any size or shape. The DVX series is also incredibly durable, with a waterproof coating that ensures the screens can withstand the elements. The DVX series from Dynamo LED is the perfect choice for any LED video wall installation. Its high resolution visuals and energy efficiency make it an ideal choice for the Lift 109 viewing experience at Battersea Power Station. The screens provide a vibrant and eye-catching display, while also being energy efficient and cost-effective. With the help of the DVX series, the power station has been transformed into a modern and vibrant shopping destination. 

LED Billboard at Battersea Power Station

The LED Countdown Door

Dynamo LED Displays’ FlexCurtain is a revolutionary LED display that is perfect for dynamic, interactive and immersive displays. The FlexCurtain is made of a flexible mesh of LED lights with a pixel pitch of 35mm-100mm, allowing for retro visuals on a small scale yet high res at a large scale. The mesh is incredibly thin, light and flexible, making it easy to install in almost any location, while its waterproof coating ensures it is durable and long-lasting. The FlexCurtain can be used to create stunning displays with enhanced colour and brightness. It was these attributes that made it a great choice for the installation on the rotating door at the Lift 109 viewing experience.


The LED video walls create vibrant and eye-catching displays, while also being energy efficient and cost-effective. With the help of the DVX series and the LED Mesh, the power station has been transformed into a modern and vibrant shopping destination.

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