75m Long LED Ticker at Bob Bob Cité, London

Daniel Reynolds Last Updated on March 15, 2020, by Daniel Reynolds < 1 mins well spent

LED Ticker at Bob Bob Cité

75m LED ticker at the Bob Bob Cité restaurant situated in the exclusive Leadenhall Building AKA “The Cheesegrater”, London. The 225m tall building with 48 floors in the heart of the city’s financial district became host to Bob Bob Cité in January 2019 and Dynamo LED Displays were commissioned to design and install an LED ticker display that could promote the restaurant’s menu using a custom font designed in house. The Bob Bob Cité restaurant is the second of the chain to be opened in London with the first coming to Soho’s upper James st. in 2008. The LED ticker itself was built in 3 parts consisting of 2 side sections of 21m and one section of 35m along the buildings front entrance. Each corner was a seamless connection at 90º which means the text scrolls effortlessly with no obvious gaps.

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