led screen spectacular at arsenal football club

LED Screen Installation At Arsenal Football Club

Dynamo LED Displays have created a spectacular LED screen at The Armoury, Arsenal FC’s Merchandise store, by installing an incredible array of LED Displays. The latest technology was implemented, including products such as Dynamo’s LED “magic” mirrors, custom-built LED tickers with right angles and returns, fine pitch direct view LED displays, and high brightness LED window screens that are vibrant even in direct sunlight.

As part of the Arsenal Football Club’s new £300 million sponsorship deal with Adidas, Dynamo LED Displays were commissioned to install various LED screens at the merchandise store to create an “Instagrammable” experience.

The new store, which takes on the branding from Adidas, has an amazing look and various features to provide a lasting impression on visitors. One of the latest products designed to excite store visitors is the “magic’ mirrors, one of Dynamo’s recently developed products. These “magic” mirrors have special functionality that changes from video content display to luxury mirror when a hidden sensor is activated.

Dynamo LED has also introduced a unique section within the store known as the skill zone or celebration station. This offers fans the chance to test their skills while using AR (augmented reality) technology to show them alongside their favourite Arsenal players on the big screen as if they were right there with them. The footage can then be shared to social media or shared via messaging apps as it is emailed directly from the store to the user. Fans are also offered the chance to show their best celebrations, which have the opportunity of being chosen and then shown on the stadium’s jumbo LED screens.

The LED screen technology featured in the store comprised of

  • Six external-facing high bright LED displays in portrait, 2m x 2.5m using a p3.9mm pitch with 4500cdm brightness.
  • Two fine pitch internal LED screens at P2.5mm pixel pitch measuring 2.5m wide x 4.5m high.
  • 1 Digital mural at P2.5mm pixel pitch measuring 4m x 1.5m high.
  • Augmented reality skill zone at P1.8mm pitch, 3m x 1.5m
  • 2 LED digital magic mirrors: P2.5mm 640mm x 1920mm
  • Custom LED ticker using p3mm spanning over 13m in total both horizontally and vertically as well as incorporating seamless right angle returns to allow the ticker to run back to back.

Dynamo LED Displays’ operations director Yvonne McDonald described the new transformation as a piece of art. She believes this project was awarded to Dynamo due to their long history of creating custom LED displays. Having previously installed LED displays on double-decker buses, hot air balloons, and even created the UK’s first shop front made completely of LED screen.

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