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Direct view LED – Dynamo LED Displays have installed their lowest pixel pitch LED display at the Sobha Marketing suite in Park Lane, London. Sobha, who are an Indian real estate developer with it’s headquarters in Bangalore, India contacted Dynamo LED through their Dubai office to commission the p1.56mm LED screen which measured 3m wide by 1.69m high. The fine pitch LED screen had a full HD resolution 1920 x 1080. The display showcases interesting content from the client that details how the company, which employs nearly 3,500 staff came into existence from humble beginnings in Muscat, Oman.

During testing and configuring one of the staff at the Sobha marketing suite commented on the quality of the display by remarking that “it looks like you can reach into the screen” and “it almost looks better than real life”. The High definition LED screen used Dynamo’s new custom CMS which allows users to log in via any web browser to upload and schedule content. This means that the display can be set to show different content from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Dynamo also monitor the hardware via the remote diagnostics system which shows live data from power supplies, receiver cards, voltages and sends notifications if any pre-set thresholds are broken.

Dynamo LED strongly believe that fine pitch, direct view LED displays will change the game in the industry. This is due to the huge advantages they have over the traditional competition of LCD video walls. The advantages including far superior contrast, colour balance and brightness mean that the overall picture quality is more vibrant and vivid than any other technology currently available. Over the years there has been some confusion with LED backlit monitors being confused with true LED. The difference is substantial when viewing but it seems some entities have not quite grasped the fact that backlit LED is simply an LED lighting system behind the display as opposed to direct view LED which has individual pixels mounted to the surface of the PCB (printed circuit board). These individual LED pixels each contain a red, green and a blue LED which are addressed individually and can be used to make billions of colours that together make up the image on the screen. The fact that these LEDs are placed directly on the PCB board and project directly to the viewer means they are far superior to say a light that is projected onto a surface, like a projector or through a surface, like a traditional back lit monitor.

With sub 1mm pixel pitches now available the technology is fast catching up with the conventional LCD solutions which usually have a pixel pitch of around 0.25mm but these pixels are much smaller in size and cannot produce the same kind of brightness levels nor can they show the almost true black that LED can. Another significant advantage is the viewing angle of LED which can reach up to around 170º.

Regardless of how you apply direct view LED, and there are many applications, from home cinema to office receptions Dynamo LED can give you the LED solutions to that ensure the very best visual experience.

Fine pitch, direct view LED is in our opinion the most exciting video technology to develop over the past few years. We have always positioned ourselves as pioneers in the industry of top quality LED displays having worked on groundbreaking projects such as LED hot air balloons and huge interactive LED towers and look to continue that trend with direct view LED.


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