Dynamo LED and Barclaycard collaborate in Hamburg

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Dynamo Were Approached By Barclaycard To Bring Corporate Set In Hamburg HQ Into The Digital Age.

The brief was to make the space informative, interactive and to promote staff engagement to provide ideas for improvement within the business.
Key areas:
2 x 55” Phillips Touch monitors were housed in bespoke wall mounted kiosks with integrated sound and graphics to encourage staff to engage with the displays and submit their ideas for improvement within the business.
In the main communal area of the building Barclaycard wanted to be sympathetic to the original purpose of the room and we used the reading area as the main focus to encourage staff to sit, socialise and enjoy the space. Together we created 2 bespoke Digital bookcases. Using 32” Philips monitors in a variety of landscape and portrait orientations. Between 2 book cases there were a total of 10 x 32” Philips monitors and finished off with sound capability.
The main space aka the Idea Station was an open plan area featuring relaxed seating area centred around a 75” Philips touch monitor. The client requested a seamless switch between playing attractive content when the screen was not being used and allow staff to connect any device and control their laptop presentation using the touch features on the big screen.
A Kramer TBus and Extron Controller were were retro fitted into a bespoke lecturn allowing screen share and touch functions for anyone wanting to give a presentation on the main screen with very little effort. Just connect the relevant input cable and select the button to change the source in an instant.
All monitors have in built PCs and content is created and controlled from Barclaycard at Canary Wharf and sent over the cloud to Hamburg HQ.
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