Dynamo LED Displays P2.5mm LED Walls at Dublin Airport

Dynamo LED Displays installed two high resolution 13 meter x 2 meter LED screens at Dublin airport to create an incredibly immersive experience for passengers arriving from destinations all over the world. The high resolution LED displays that showcase beautiful scenery shot across the Emerald Isle in vivid colours and high definition. Each side of the tunnel that leads down to the baggage collection area features P2.5mm LED displays with a total resolution of 4992px x 768px.

Dynamo LED Displays first began work on the project back in 2017 and worked along side all of the designers and construction team sharing their unique expertise in large scale video walls. Some of the challenges included the design of a system that could playback not only the huge resolution but also the large file sizes associated with the high quality video that was provided.

Also integrated into the system was additional lighting and beautiful audio which provides an almost immersive feeling when travelling through the walkway.


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