Samsung Micro LED Advancements

Samsung and Micro LED Innovation


In the field of technology, next is always now. When talking about the recently developed LED technologies, there is always a better upgrade in tow of any product. With the amount of comfort and ease of living that the technology has provided us with, updates and innovation are as anticipated as the products themselves.

With inventions come innovations. And the most glaring witness to this is the development of the television over time, from a box-sized entity to the sleekest LED Smart TVs. Not that we are complaining, since all of us love our Netflix, Movies, Information channels, Sports, and the general leisure time that the LED screen has made possible. However, the transformation that televisions have undergone over the period of timeisremarkable.

But, what if you get to know that there is more on the way? Of course, there is. And this time, it comes from the basket of Samsung – one of the most loved brands across the world.

The Samsung Rebound

Samsung has been one of the forerunners in the field of technological innovation since its inception. However, the electronics giant has seen a dip in its profits over the consecutive years for the sale of televisions.

Despite the introduction of new technologies, the profits did not seem to increase significantly. Therefore, as a last resort, Samsung has decided to launch its ultimate LED display television with cutting-edgetechnology and innovation embedded in its very essence.

Samsung will be launching its first line of micro LED TVs towards the end of 2018. The recent innovation is Samsung’s ownway of bouncing back intothe mainstream market of LED TVs, beating its competitors Sony and LG Electronics.

What is micro LED TV?

Micro LED TV is an innovative product launched by Samsung in order tosolidify leadership in premium markets. From improvements made in 3D to 4K, micro LED offers a worthwhile investment for Samsung to bring something new and innovative to the consumer’s table. In the end, television is the most basic of the home appliances, and, there is plenty of opportunitiesto tap into that market.


According to a Global Market Insights report, the market of micro LED TVs is expected to cross a staggering $14 billion by 2024. Even as 2018 ends, it is expectedthat 1 million units of the product will already be shippedworldwide. Micro LED TV will indeed be the revolution in LED TVs.

If we look at the historyand timeline of technological inventions and innovations, what becomes crystal clear is that one’s competitors are never too behind of the game. In the case of televisions, one can innovate greatly regardingstreamlined designs, increased efficiency, andhigh-quality visuals.

Although we do expect micro LED to be a game changer in the LED screen market, it won’t be wrong to say that many of Samsung’s competitors will catch up sooner than later. By 2019-2020, other leading manufacturers are expected to release their ownranges of technologically upgraded LED TVs, and, it will be interesting to see these clusters of innovation come together in the same market!

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