EMC LED screens

Swedavia is a Swedish airline that owns 10 airports in Scandinavia, one of which got a major upgrade recently. We’re talking about Stockholm Arlanda Airport where a new breed of flight information displays was unveiled.

This might not seem like a big deal, but the new displays might start a sort of revolution around the globe. The thing is that the conventional information screens at airports can be somewhat noisy and unreliable.

Because LED screens emit electromagnetic radiation, they can cause interference with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals that passengers use on their smartphones and laptops.

Those sorts of things just cannot happen with LED displays that use the technology for reducing the electromagnetic interference. And two such LED screens were created by NEC Display Solutions Europe and installed at the Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

The two displays in question cover 15 and 44 square meters of area respectively. The LED screens are using 3.91mm direct view technology, which ensures amazing coloring.

What makes them great at reducing the amount of electromagnetic radiation is the shielding feature developed by NEC engineers that does a real great job. When tested, each of the screens emitted only a tiny amount of radiation, which has absolutely no effect on other devices even at a very close distance.

After a series of tests, the screens were deemed EMC Class B, which means that the radiation they emit is negligible. Therefore, they were given a pass from the people from Swedavia and soon afterward they were installed at the Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

The two screens have been operational for more than a month and everyone seems to be thrilled with them so far. NEC’s low-radiation screens are causing absolutely no interference with other devices.

Judging by the results achieved through the use of these two screens, it’s expected that Swedavia is going to change the LED screens at the other nine of the company airports as well. All of this suggests that 2019 is going to be a very busy year for the people from NEC Display Solutions Europe.


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