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A fantastic wall fixed LED Display has recently been installed by Dynamo LED Displays at NoblePalace Restaurant. A stone’s throw from St James’s Park, Noble Palace offers a new concept menu, designer interiors, and a new approach to cocktail menus. In addition to taking inspiration from food once enjoyed by the Emperors of China’s Qing dynasty, Noble Palace’s chefs also use recipes from eight of China’s culinary regions for its food offerings.


Earlier this year Dynamo LED Displays were contacted in regards to the Mi Lounge whisky bar. Situated in the basement section of the establishment it boasts a selection of over 200 whiskies, a contemporary cocktail list and a luxury decor designed by Italian company Cassina. Dynamo were chosen to install a HD LED screen that was to be used to show high quality imagery of city skylines. Additionally it has also been used for karaoke sessions that the owner is very fond of! They were chosen after Michael Kwok, the general manager visited Dynamo LED Displays’ artistic LED screen installation at London’s Citypoint Skyscraper. Due to the wall having already been constructed there was a necessity that the LED display be very thin and have the ability to be fixed directly to the wall, this was achieved using Dynamo’s DEK series which is just 50mm deep and can run power and data inside of the LED Cabinet.


As previously mentioned, Dynamo LED Displays adopted our DEK series for this installation due to the fact it can be fixed directly the wall and has a depth of just 50mm. The 5.4m x 2.36m LED display consists of 9 LED cabinets wide by 7 LED Cabinets high with each cabinet measuring 600mm x 337.5mm. While the display is not in a 16:9 aspect ratio, because the client wished to cover the entire space available on the wall, the content was made especially at the LED screen resolution of 2880 pixels x 1260 pixels.

wall fixed led display noble Palace

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