LG Circular display

After the success they had with LG OLED signage at Ambience Mall, the mall owners decided to take it a step further and ask the Korean company to construct an even bigger one. It’s needless to say that LG gladly accepted this proposal and did their job quickly, creating a massive digital signage for Ambience Mall’s building in Delhi.

The Ambience Mall is the largest shopping mall in Delhi and an attraction on its own. But, since recently, it’s become even more attractive to the visitors: a huge digital signage weighing 4.8 tons was installed inside the mall.

Named Landmark Signage, the signage at Ambience Mall Delhi is the brainchild of LG’s engineers who made it using a total of 63 panels. The panels in question are custom-made curved OLED panels, each with the diagonal of 55 inches.

The height of the signage is eight meters and the displays are positioned in a circle so that the information displayed on them can be observed from 360 degrees.

It was challenging to install such a huge item and in order to make it 100% safe and secure for use, the signage had to be suspended via rigging points on six of Ambience Mall’s pillars.

The purpose of the digital signage is to provide breathtaking viewing experience to those who visit the mall while supplying them with important information about the working hours, promotional offers, etc. On top of that, the signage will also be used for advertising purposes, e.g. spreading the word about LG’s latest products.

Apart from being amazing from the visitors’ point of view, the signage is also an important indicator of the direction this type of technology is going to go in. Thanks to its design, this signage can be customized in all sorts of different ways. Its shape can be changed quickly and easily, same as its size.

Thanks to its flexibility, every signage based on this design can be customized in a way that it provides the best-possible viewing experience to the visitors.

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